Everything You Need To Know Before Attending A GVFTF Drive-Thru

Q: How Does The Drive-Thru Work?

Glad you asked! While it’s a lot different than our previous open-air market events but still tons of fun! When you arrive on site, GVFTF staff will help explain which trucks are available and which line to go to order. Once you’re in line, you will drive up to the food truck, and a member of their team will take your order and payment. When your order is finished, you will be handed your items on a tray, and then you’re free to enjoy your food! The whole process is very similar to a classic drive-thru you’d experience at McDonald’s or Starbucks.

Q: Can I Eat On-Site With Friends?

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we cannot allow guests to eat outside of their vehicles or on-site at this time. We can’t wait until we can welcome everyone back with picnic tables and a beer garden, but for now, this has been deemed the safest way to keep our events open and you fed.

GVFTF Foodie Pro Tip: Check out the local parks near the site and take your food to a socially distant outdoor picnic!

Q: What If I Want To Support More Than 1 Truck?

Again, great question! We love hearing about our attendees visiting multiple trucks in support! When we layout the site, we always try to include a loopback lane, leading you back to the front to merge with new entrants. We ask that you keep your eyes out for other drivers and listen to the traffic controller on-site.

GVFTF Foodie Pro Tip: Hit up the lemonade or bubble tea trailer first, so you can take some time to think about what truck you want to try for a main course and dessert! They work really quickly, so it’s a great way to figure out how everything works before you go back through again. 

Q: Do We Need To Buy Tickets or Schedule A Time?

Nope! We work with our incredible sponsors who help keep our event free to attend for the public, big thank you to them. You won’t have to schedule a time to attend, our gates will close to the public 10 minutes before the event is slated to end.
GVFTF Foodie Pro Tip: Come early on to make sure your favourite truck doesn’t sell out or between the hours of 2 pm-4 pm if you want the least lines.

Q: What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

Our vendors accept Credit, Debit and Cash, some of them even accept Bitcoin!

GVFTF Foodie Pro Tip: Follow our social feeds for chances to win food truck bucks to use at any of our events during the year. We made it easy, just follow the links below.

Q: What COVID Policies Do You Have In Place?

 The safety of our guests and vendors is extremely important to us and we’ve worked closely with local health authorities to create a COVID-19 Safety Plan that you can find in more detail on our site here.

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